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Ripple Marketing reveals the four core principles necessary for building a huge network marketing business - Mindset, Action, Team, and Leadership. David walks readers through each principle, offering stories and examples of his personal successes and those of his team members he’s helped.
You will discover how to:
  •  Create the proper mindset for entrepreneurial success
  •  Design an action plan to grow your business
  •  Increase your income by recruiting the right team members
  •  Create a system that duplicates
  •  Become the leader you want to attract
  •  Overcome any adversity and grow stronger from it
  •  And much more…
If you internalize and apply these principles and concepts, you will shave years off your learning curve and become a more productive network marketer faster. You’ll become a leader whom people will follow, and you will position yourself to empower others to greatness.
How to Avoid the 10 Deadly Sins of Network Marketing
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About David Skultety

David has been in the network marketing profession for over twenty years. Through the companies he has represented, he has mentored thousands of people to take control of their financial futures and guided them to become lifestyle entrepreneurs.
In 1999, he became a distributor for a health and wellness company and built an organization of over 300,000 people who produced over $500,000,000 in wholesale sales. After 10 years of building that business he took a four year break to spend quality time with his family. He then accomplished what very few have done. He started a new business from scratch and built an entirely new organization from 1-100,000 people all over again.

Many who know David consider him a “networker’s networker.” His reputation for keeping it real and genuinely serving others has earned him the respect of many throughout the profession.

Outside of business, David is a devoted husband and grateful dad to three amazing teenagers. He enjoys playing golf, going to concerts, traveling, and chilling out with family and friends.

His life philosophy is centered on the 5 Fs:
Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom, and Fun.
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