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“Ripple Marketing is a must-read for all Network Marketing Professionals. It’s easy to read and to the point, but more importantly, it’s proven, step-by-step strategies for success in Network Marketing that are easy to follow.”
Garrett McGrath - President, Association of Network Marketing Professionals

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This is your guide to using LIVE video to build your personal brand so that you can stand out from all the other network marketers. I will teach you how to create content that will help you get attention and build a massive following on social media. Plus, I will show you how to convert Likes, Views and Engagement into sales for your business!

Looking back I can see how every challenge I faced shaped me into the person I have become. 

My entire growth process and journey to success started with one defining moment I remember vividly. It happened in the fall of 2003. Dave and I were both working as hard as we could, and we still could not get ahead. We were stressed out and our family was struggling financially. One day we checked our bank balance and after all our bills were paid, we had exactly 7¢!

That’s when we made the 7-Cent Decision and we knew our lives were about to change forever!

Our jobs left us with only 7 cents at the end of the month, so we decided we needed to change paradigms. We didn’t have anything to risk, so it wasn’t a hard decision. Once the decision was made, it was swim or sink. We always knew and felt we are worth more than 7 cents, more than the wages we were making and the limits our bosses imposed.” We said, “Enough, we are going to make our own wage. We will never have 7 cents in our account again.” 

The 7-Cent Decision was a shift we made in our mind: we wanted to change how we were living and build our own future. This is our story...

Foreword by David Litt

David Skultety is about to teach you how to build a residual income based on the efforts of other people. Sure, it is going to take your own efforts to get the first level of your network in place, but ultimately this book is a blueprint for long-term financial freedom. Financial freedom…that is the goal.
 Network Marketing Leaders and Top Earners are already RAVING about Ripple Marketing 
Todd Falcone
Network Marketing Speaker, Coach & Author
“David’s book takes you on a personal journey from first look to advancing your way through a lifelong and highly successful career in network marketing. Anyone wanting to make it big in network marketing should devour this book and use what’s being taught here!”
Dr. Josephine Gross
Editorial Director, Networking Times
“David Skultety’s book is based on the paradox that network marketing is simple, but not easy. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to make your business better, pick up this fun, practical, and purposeful read.”

Garrett McGrath
President, Association of Network Marketing Professionals
Ripple Marketing is a must-read for all Network Marketing Professionals. It’s easy to read and to the point, but more importantly, it’s proven, step-by-step strategies for success in Network Marketing that are easy to follow.”
Simon Chan
Founder of MLM Nation
“David Skultety has influenced thousands of people’s lives in the two decades he’s spent as a network marketing leader. In Ripple Marketing, he offers you insights and strategies from what it takes to build a successful long term MLM business."

Sonia Magruder
Network Marketing Leader
“David Skultety encapsulates everything you need to know about the profession of network marketing. Whether you are a new distributor, a leader looking for the perfect “101” book for your team, or someone contemplating entering the profession, Ripple Marketing is the perfect go to source.”
Bob Heilig
President, Bob Heilig Media
“Whether you are brand new to network marketing, or already an established leader, the concepts and strategies inside of this book could be life changing for your business. Anyone that has ever been fortunate enough to know or work with David understands exactly how special a leader he is, and his incredible ability to teach. Now everyone has access to his wisdom, knowledge, and experience by simply picking up and reading this book. I have no doubt that this book will become one of the “must reads” for anyone inside of this great profession.”
Ripple Marketing reveals the four core principles necessary for building a huge network marketing business - Mindset, Action, Team, and Leadership. David walks readers  through each principle, offering stories and examples of his personal successes, and those of his team members he's helped.
In Ripple Marketingyou will discover how to: 
  •  Create the proper mindset for entrepreneurial success 
  •  Design an action plan to grow your business
  •  Increase your income by recruiting the right team members
  •  Create a system that duplicates
  •  Become the kind of leader you want to attract
  •  Overcome any adversity and grow stronger from it
  •  And much more...
 Here what other Network Marketing Leaders and Top Earners are saying about Ripple Marketing 
Dr. Dana McGrady
Network Marketing Leader
“A true 'how to' Guide to Success and 'how to' Build your Business with passion and heart. David and Marcella are a wonderful example of how to do just that. In life and family, they are true examples of love and light. This is a MUST READ if you want to be a network marketing professional.”
Patrick Snow
Publishing Coaching and International Best-Selling Author of "Creating Your Own Destiny"
“Want to make it big in network marketing and completely transform your life and bank account? Start here!”

Brandy Sinoto
Network Marketing Leader
“David is a true servant leader and his teaching and mentorship has been invaluable to my team and I. Ripple Marketing is a must have for any network marketing professional looking to take their business and personal growth to the next level.”
John Terhune
Best Selling Author, Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Speaker and Attorney At Law
“I believe that Ripple Marketing may be the most comprehensive discussion to date of what it takes to win in Network Marketing. It is extremely well written, thoughtful and instructive on identifying the fundamentals necessary succeed. It has just risen to the top of my recommended reading list for my team.”
Renate Lundberg
Network Marketing Leader
“Whether you are already with a company or in the beginning phases of exploring this lucrative profession, Ripple Marketing is the book to read! The book is easy and enjoyable to read while educating the beginner as well as the experienced networker who wants to build it huge with competence, excellence and ease!"

Dr. Taylor Hartman
Best Selling Author & Founder of The Color Code
“Ripple Marketing is designed for those who want to take it to the next level. Dive in and discover why David Skultety has enjoyed remarkable success. His passion with purpose brings a rich perspective that will save you years in creating your success in network marketing.”

From Ripple to Wave - It's Time for YOU to Start Building It Huge In Network Marketing!
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